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Minute-2-Minute time tracking software
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Try Minute-2-Minute Before You Buy

You shouldn't have to buy any software without first making sure it satisfies your requirements. That's why you can try out Minute-2-Minute FREE and then decide if this powerful program is for you.
And, you get a full 45 days to put Minute-2-Minute through its paces. Create clients, create projects, and time away. Generate and email invoices to your customers. Since this is the full version of the program, there are no  crippled features or any limitations (other than the 45 day trial period).
If you've got questions, context-sensitive help is available at the touch of the F1 key on your keyboard. Based on feedback from users of version 4, we've packed this version of Minute-2-Minute with everything they asked for, and more! And we invite you to try the program -- FREE --  to see for yourself how it stacks up.

No Obligation

Minute-2-Minute's 45 day free trial comes with no strings attached. We don't ask for your name or even an email address (so you're guaranteed there will never be any spam!). The 45 day trial means you can go through a full billing cycle and see how easy it is to generate invoices on demand in a matter of seconds instead of minutes (or hours, or more!).
At the end of the trial period, pay a one-time fee of just $49.95 and keep Minute-2-Minute forever with no monthly fees. Or, if the program is not for you, click "uninstall" to remove it completely.
Click "Download" to get started on your free 45 day trial of Minute-2-Minute. See for yourself how quick and easy project timing can be, and how fast you can generate invoices at the end of the month (or whenever you choose) in any of a variety of formats. Your clients will be happier with the results, and so will you!