Put Time On Your Side with Minute-2-Minute

A Project Timing and Billing System
for Independent Contractors

Minute-2-Minute gives you the power to track and bill unlimited clients and unlimited projects with a few mouse clicks

Three Easy Steps to Get Started
1. Create a Client
Create a Client
There's no limit to the number of clients you can create.
Add new clients anytime.
2. Create a Project
Create a Project
Unique project settings let you time each project the way you want.
Generate bills on demand.
3. Time Your Work
Time Your Work
Track your work and optionally add detailed notes to each time segment.
Bills are easy to understand.

A Practical Timing Solution

As an independent freelance contractor, keeping track of your billable time can be a challenge. That's why we created Minute-2-Minute, the project time tracking management and billing software that's simple to use.
With just a few mouse clicks, you can get started on work for your client while Minute-2-Minute tracks your time silently in the background. You choose the timing detail -- to the second or rounded to the nearest minute -- and the size of the timer widget. Or hide the widget completely in your task bar or system tray for the maximum work space.

Pause and Resume Instantly

Interrupted by a phone call? Pause timing and resume with a mouse click. Or, if you walk away from the keyboard and forget to stop timing, Minute-2-Minute will optionally stop automatically after a period of inactivity that you specify.
Minute-2-Minute laptop view

Detail Your Work

Document your work on each project by time segment. Just right-click the timer and enter comments about the tasks performed. These notes can be optionally included with your invoice, showing your client exactly what work was performed by time block. You control how much detail is included with each invoice -- a simple overview, exquisite detail, or no detail at all.

Invoices on Demand

Generate invoices anytime for any period, even across multiple months. You can choose to invoice the client which automatically includes all projects for that client, or generate an invoice for a selected group of projects or by each individual project. You have complete flexibility.
Since Minute-2-Minute is desktop software, you're not at the mercy of a lost internet connection as with a "cloud-based" system. Plus there are no monthly fees or renewal charges for Minute-2-Minute -- ever!

Project Time Management and Billing Software

Version 4 of Minute-2-Minute is packed full of features that provide easy and accurate time billing by client and project:
Unlimited projects per client
Project can inherit client settings
Tracking by individual time segments
Add or edit time segments anytime
Detailed comments by time segment
Time to the second or round to minute
Optional timer stop after no activity
Generate bills anytime for any period
New and expanded invoice options
Monthly reminder to roll balances
Export data to CSV or XML spreadsheet
Email invoices as a PDF attachment
Detailed revenue charts and graphs
No monthly fees or upgrade expense

Try Minute-2-Minute
Free for 45 Days
No Gimmicks,
No Obligation

This is the full version of Minute-2-Minute, not a limited trial version with some features disabled. Time your work, generate invoices, bill your clients by email in seconds. Increase your revenue. Have a life.
Use the full program for 45 days with no obligation. When you download, we don't ask for your name or even your email. If you choose to purchase Minute-2-Minute, you'll receive unlimited updates for life.  It's our way to guarantee your complete satisfaction.