Project Timing Features
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Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Projects
Bill Clients Anytime
AutoTrak™ Timer
Internal timer for accuracy
Timer Display
Your choice of either small or mini
Minimize Timer
Send to taskbar or system tray
Suspend timing with a mouse click
Your work by time segment
Email Bills
Instantly as a PDF attachment
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Project Timing Features

If you work at your computer as a freelance contractor, you've probably found it can be challenging to keep accurate records for each project. Generating a billing invoice at the end of the month or when a project is completed can be time-consuming, even using a third-party spreadsheet or bookkeeping program.
We created the original Minute-2-Minute specifically to solve those problems. Now, with version 4, we've added dozens of new features giving you more control over the timing and invoicing of your projects.

Project Timing: Easy and Accurate

Once you've added your client and one or more projects for that client to Minute-2-Minute, a single click of the stopwatch on the tool bar starts timing your work. Time to the second or round up to the next minute.
Choose from the standard timer or the mini-timer to take up even less room on your desktop. Or minimize either timer to the task bar or system tray. Pause and resume timing with a single mouse click. Change to a different project in less than three seconds.
Choose between two timer sizes
Standard Timer
Timers can be minimized to task bar or system tray

Quick Look: Time Segment Manager

Work segments provide detailed billing info
The Time Segment Manager tracks all work segments for each day. Each segment can be reviewed and edited and new segments can be added manually. Two or more segments can be combined into a single segment, and any segment can be deleted. You always have complete control of each project's time record.
Each time segment can have a segment comment, where tasks performed can be detailed. These comments can optionally be printed in one of two formats, or omitted from invoices entirely. If you need to show your work, there's no better way to do it.

Project Timing: Options, Options, Options

Customize not only how Minute-2-Minute works, but also how your invoices appear. Include lots of timing detail, or little timing detail, or no detail -- your choice.
Include an overall summary of all projects -- a snapshot of all work for the client for the billing period.
Invoice by Project
Each project can have an individual invoice, complete with day-by-day totals, credits and adjustments
Time Detail
Each project's time detail can be included, with detail grouped by day or by individual time segment.
Mix & Match
Choose what to include individually by client. Minute-2-Minute remembers your choices instantly.
Test drive the full version of Minute-2-Minute FREE for 45 days

Project Time Management Analysis

Some clients require support work that might not be billable. Minute-2-Minute lets you create "non-billing" projects so you can keep track of such periods by client.
Using the built in Minute-2-Minute charting tools, graphically track your revenue vs. non-billing time. Analyze exactly how much your "off the books" work is costing you and decide on ways to improve your revenue stream.
Track your project billing over time

No Monthly Fees -- Ever!

Minute-2-Minute is personal software that resides on your Windows PC. There are no monthly fees or recurring charges. Purchase Minute-2-Minute once and use it forever, with free updates for life. Unlike "cloud-based" timing systems, an internet connection is not required after your initial setup.

Try it FREE!

The only way to be certain Minute-2-Minute is right for you is to try it. And that's why we offer a FREE 45 day trial for you to put the program through its paces.
This is the full version of the program; all the features are there with nothing held back. Create unlimited clients and unlimited projects. Time your work, add your comments, create invoices...put Minute-2-Minute through your own rigorous testing.
If you find Minute-2-Minute fulfills your requirements, it's yours for a single payment of $49.95. No additional charges, monthly fees, or renewal expenses. Your purchase gives you a lifetime license to use Minute-2-Minute forever.
Ready to simplify your life? Click the TRY IT FREE button and start your 45 day FREE trial of Minute-2-Minute today!
Test drive the full version of Minute-2-Minute FREE for 45 days

Quick Look: Invoices

The appearance of your invoices is very important. That's why we've redesigned invoices in Minute-2-Minute version 4, adding an improved, professional touch. Plus, we've added flexibility, so you can include just the right amount of invoice detail individually by client and project.
Multiple invoice options let you control detail
Choose from a summary or "cover" invoice, project invoice, and/or a time detail statement. These can be selected in any combination with a number of sub options controlling the amount of detail included.
Optional time record provides multiple levels of detail
The optional time segment detail converts all your work notes into a chronological work history. This is a great feature for those clients demanding detailed accounting of your time.
The time segment report has various levels of detail. Show only the date and time worked with all time segments within a day combined into a single entry. Or, break out each day into individual time segments with start and stop times as well as the duration. Work notes can be included or excluded with each variation. Work detail text can be a brief comment or a comprehensive treatise -- up to 8,000 characters per time segment.
Minute-2-Minute "remembers" your invoice options for each client and project.
Test drive the full version of Minute-2-Minute FREE for 45 days

Minute-2-Minute Partial Feature List

Create hundreds, thousands of clients, limited only by disc space
Each client can have unlimited projects
Projects optionally inherit client-level settings and preferences
Adjust settings and preferences locally or globally
Supports US dollar, UK pounds, more
Choice of two timer styles, small and mini (uses even less space)
Minimize either timer to the task bar or system tray
Time to the second or round up to the next minute
Optionally stop timing after a period of no mouse/keyboard activity
Invoice clients for all projects, selected group, or individual projects
Optional detailed comments by individual time segment
Generate invoices for any period and at any time of month
Email invoices as a PDF attachment, no PDF creation software required