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New Feature in Minute-2-Minute

Split credit among multiple projects for a single client
Some of the best ideas that go into Minute-2-Minute come from people like you who use the program every day.
Some clients have more than one project. And even though you might bill those projects on separate invoices, clients tend to prefer to cut one check for the entire amount. In the past, this meant determining how much should be applied to each project, then crediting each project individually -- a very time consuming process to say the least.
This solution was the "Split Credit" option now in Minute-2-Minute. The Split Credit window lists all the projects for a client, including amounts currently owed. The amount of the payment is entered at the top of the window. As credits are entered for each project, the total is updated automatically.
Clicking "Apply" allocates the specified amounts to each project. The process takes mere moments and once again Minute-2-Minute saves you both time and trouble.